Common Furnace Myths

Jan 7, 2022 | Blog, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks, Winter, Xenia

As a homeowner, you may hear different information about what to do with your home and appliances. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to know facts from fiction. This is especially true when considering your residential furnace. Thankfully, your knowledgeable Xenia Heating & Air technicians have compiled together a list of a few of the most common furnace myths we have heard from residents in Ohio. So now that when it comes to your heating system, you know what to do in order to maintain your furnace correctly. 

Myth 1: Moving The Thermostat Down Will Cool The Home Faster

Wrong! Thermostats will send info to your system that tells it when to turn off and on based on the temperature you want to maintain. Turning it down will not cool the home faster. It is best to keep it around 72 degrees, and you will be good to go. 

Myth 2: Air Filters Only Need To Be Changed Twice A Year

Myth Busted! Our team recommends your air filter should be checked every month and replaced at least every 60-90 days. Suppose you have other occupancy, pets, etc. You are more likely to accumulate more dust and debris so, this will be something you don’t want to skip. 

Myth 3: I Should Cover My HVAC’s Outdoor Unit During Winter

This is the one that sounds like the perfect thing to do; however, covering the unit seals up moisture and speeds up corrosion. Not only that, bugs and rodents like to seek shelter in a covered unit, which can lead to missing or chewed through parts and wires. In 2022, HVAC guidelines and care have been updated, and it is now suggested to cover the fan with a piece of plywood only if you get heavy snowfall. 

Myth 3: It’sIt’s Okay if the Furnace is Loud

We know that sometimes a loud noise can seem like it means that your furnace is working well; however, be careful with that thinking. You will want to check to ensure there aren’t any clicks or unusual noises happening. Otherwise, something is wrong, and it can be detrimental to your heating system. 

Bonus Tip:

Do you think, “Why would I have my vent in a room I am not in?” Well, restricted airflow can cause many issues, including but not limited to compressor failures and cracked heat exchangers. So you’ll want to keep all your vents open. 

Nevertheless, keeping up with your home’s HVAC maintenance is crucial. We hope that we have helped debunk some of the most common furnace myths homeowners frequently hear. 

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