Air Filters in Xenia, Ohio

Media Air Filters Services in Xenia, OH

Compared to a few generations ago, the air filters we offer today for residential HVAC systems in Xenia and Greater Dayton have come such a long way they almost can’t be compared.

One of the best types of air filtration methods is the media air filter or media cabinet. HEPA filters and ULPA filters are good as well. However, media filters are also referred to as media air cleaners. Media filters provide superior air filtration throughout the house at a low cost. We at Xenia Heating & Air offer residents in Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, and surrounding areas the best prices on professional media air filter installation services. If you’re using the standard one-inch-thick air filter that HVAC systems typically use, you should know your air filter does nothing to improve your indoor air quality at all. The standard fiberglass air filter is only intended to protect HVAC equipment homeowners. Because of this, homeowners need additional air purification if they want optimal indoor air quality. For optimal indoor air quality for optimal health and well-being, homeowners should consider a media air filter. Media cabinets are extremely effective air purifiers.

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Standard Air Filters vs. Media Filter

The biggest difference between the standard air filter used in HVAC systems and a media filter is the air filter’s effectiveness and size. Media air cleaners get installed inside HVAC systems as a cabinet. Our air care specialists place them within the return air duct of forced-air HVAC systems. Media air filters improve your indoor air quality by filtering out air pollution. The standard air filter is only about an inch thick and, as we have noted, they don’t do anything to improve your indoor air quality. Standard air filters only protect HVAC equipment and nothing else. Media air cleaners, however, are about five inches thick. Standard air filters are only about an inch thick. These thicker air filters provide far more superior air filtration. We at Xenia Heating & Air offer the best indoor air quality solutions from all the best, top brand name manufacturers such as Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaner, Cleanair and the Aprilaire Air Purification System, among others.

Benefits Of Media Air Filter Installation

Lowers Home Heating & Cooling Costs

Looking to save some much-needed cash on your home heating and air conditioning? Who doesn’t like saving on their utility bills? Media air filters enable you to save money on heating and cooling in addition to improving your overall indoor air quality. Media filters also keep HVAC equipment a lot cleaner at a cost that’s less than portable air purification systems, an electronic air purifier or any other air purification product. The overall air quality upgrades help to increase your HVAC system’s efficiency, which reduces utility costs.

Media Filters Last Longer

We at Xenia Heating & Air recommend replacing these high-performance accordion air filters at least once per year. Nevertheless, homeowners should still check their air filters at least once every 6 months for additional air filter replacement needs. Depending on several factors that contribute to air pollution and dust accumulation in the home, these air filters might only need to be changed one time per year.

They Protect HVAC Equipment

Media cabinets are a great way to protect your HVAC equipment and preserve their function. Anything a homeowner can do to make their HVAC equipment last longer can be a major money saver. All HVAC systems are expensive to replace and if you have to replace them prematurely or make a lot of repairs because of wear and tear, it will cost you money. Media air filters help homeowners prolong the lifespan of their HVAC systems. They also keep the HVAC equipment’s indoor coil clean. Because our Whole-Home Air Cleaners are thicker filters with a much larger surface area for filtering out dirt and dust compared to standard air filters, your HVAC equipment also benefits in the long run. 

Filters & Removes Household Air Pollution

With a media cabinet working in your HVAC system, it removes all sorts of particles, air pollution and other indoor allergens passing through your system and floating around in household air. These impurities can cause respiratory problems and other health-related issues. In addition to their amazing health benefits, removing this pollution from your air supply also helps you crack down on dirt and dust that could otherwise build up inside the home.