Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?  

Sep 2, 2022 | AC, Blog, Ceiling Fan, Cool Air, Do's and Don'ts, Energy Costs, Energy Efficient, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Pull Chain, Summer

When used correctly, ceiling fans help us save money on energy bills, believe it or not, no matter the season. The main difference between seasons is the speed and direction of the fan’s spin. If it is warm outside, fix your fans to rotate counterclockwise. Doing so will allow for energy savings. And, if it is chilly outside, set your fan to turn slowly clockwise. Ceiling fans are not only beneficial for enriching cool and warm air circulation, but they also give your HVAC system a break. So, in addition to saving money on energy expenses, you can further these savings by reducing the likelihood of unwanted and expensive HVAC breakdowns by not pushing your system to its limits! Xenia Heating & Air wants to help you decrease unnecessary expenditure because we understand the significance of financial security. So, let’s focus on what ceiling fans can offer you and your home!  

How Do Ceiling Fans Operate?  

Ceiling fans modify air direction while utilizing your home’s electricity. And while the spin of the blades doesn’t necessarily cool the air itself, it does supply a wind-chill effect by propelling the air downward, enhancing both air circulation and your comfort during the hottest Ohio summer days. However, in the winter, to generate an updraft, you must first change the fan’s spinning direction along with the shape of the blades. On top of moving the hot air upward, this updraft keeps the air from staying stagnant as well. Then, as the air flows out and down the walls, it stimulates a warm environment for you and your loved ones to relish without your furnace overdoing it; when we utilize our ceiling fans accurately, they will lower our energy bills more efficiently! Nevertheless, think carefully about how you use your fans to ensure you make way for those energy savings while deterring mold growth and excessive humidity.  

What Are Some Do’s & Don’ts For Ceiling Fans?  

To obtain the best results regarding your ceiling fans, you should recognize the dos and don’ts of employing ceiling fans within your home. Discerning these will help you better identify what is preferable for you and your home. Here are some things to consider:  

  1. Take into Consideration the Room Size: All ceiling fans should accommodate the proper room size and be centered for optimal savings. For example, a 36-inch fan that extends roughly six feet from the center point may not be adequate for a larger area.  
  1. Turn off Your Fans While You Are Away: When you are out and about, turn off your fans; you can turn them back on upon your return. And, if you have smart-home automation, you can more easily set your fans to switch on and off as needed!  
  1. Run Fans on Low During Cold Weather: Keeping your fans off if the high setting allows cold air to draw up and warm air to circulate better.  
  1. Don’t Use Fans without Your A/C: Utilizing your fan without your A/C is a fast way to magnify the warm atmosphere within your household because appliances such as ceiling fans generate small amounts of heat that build up when unaddressed. 

How Do I Modify My Fans For Winter?  

As we say goodbye to summer, it’s time to consider the cold weather and prepare our home environment for winter. So, how do we modify our ceiling fans to encourage a warm and soothing atmosphere in our homes? Well, foremost, take a look at your ceiling fan. You should see a switch on one side of your fan’s base. Turn off your fan by using the pull chain and the switch on the wall. If you do not do both, you risk the well-being of yourself and others! You will need to flip the fan blades’ orientation; in doing so, it’s beneficial to also remove dust and debris from all light covers and edges. Even further, if you desire to make cosmetic alterations to your fan, this is the prime time to do that. Once your ceiling fan is up to par, it will be as if you are underneath the back of the fan. This revision permits your fan to spread warm air instead of cold air! Nifty!  

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