Heating Tips for Holiday Parties

Dec 10, 2019 | Furnace, Heating, Winter

The season has arrived for festive holiday parties and get-togethers. You will want to be certain that your home is ready to host the perfect holiday celebration. You will especially want to make sure that your home is warm and inviting, just the perfect temperature to make everyone warm and comfortable. Here are some tips for ensuring that your home is toasty and welcoming for your holiday party guests: 


Close Off Private Rooms 

You almost certainly have a few rooms in your home that will not be in use during your party. Rather than heating these rooms, close them off and allow the heat to be redirected into the parts of your home where people will be gathered. This will also discourage any wandering guests from making their way into areas of your home that you might wish to keep private. 

Change the Air Filter in Your Furnace 

A day or so before your party change the air filter in your furnace. It may not appear to be dirty but change it anyway so that you can be certain that the air circulating through your home is completely clean and healthy. You will feel more assured knowing that no dust, dirt, or other debris will make its way into your home. 

Clean and Unblock Air Vents 

Use warm water and a disinfectant cleaner to thoroughly wipe down air vents and heating grates throughout your home the day before your party. Check to make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow. Curtains, furniture, etc., should be moved away from heating ducts so as not to block the warm air as it makes its way into your home. This will also prevent any embarrassing situations of guests finding dust settled on or near vents. The warm, pollutant-free air will make your home even more inviting and pleasant. 

Build a Festive Fire 

Nothing will create a holiday mood quite like a warm, crackling fire dancing in the fireplace. Early on the day of your party, clean your fireplace thoroughly and make sure that everything is at hand to keep a fire burning throughout the evening. Be sure to have a protective screen on hand for safety. The fire will warm the room, creating the perfect atmosphere for your get-together as well as presenting you with the opportunity to turn down your thermostat. 

Use Humidifiers Throughout Your Home 

Humidifiers will keep moisture in the air in your home. The moisture will retain heat to help keep things cozy and warm during your holiday party. Humidifiers kill bacteria in the air as well, providing healthier air to breathe. 

Turn Down the Heat While Party-Prepping 

As you go about your activities preparing everything for your get-together, turn down your thermostat, or shut your furnace off altogether for a little while. You will stay warm as you go about your activities getting everything ready for your holiday party. 

Use Ceiling Fans to Keep Warm 

Yes, it is possible to use ceiling fans to stay warm. Simply change the setting on your ceiling fans to “Reverse” to allow them to direct the rising heat downward to warm the room. The fans will circulate the heated air without cooling it off. This will give you an opportunity to reduce the setting on your thermostat for the evening. 

Make Use of Strategically Placed Space Heaters 

Place small, unobtrusive space heaters around your home to keep party guests warm and cozy. This is the perfect way to warm larger rooms with cooler areas where guests may branch off to chat in smaller groups. Place space heaters safely at least three feet away from furniture or other objects, then make sure that the chords are not situated in such a way that anyone could trip over them. Never plug space heaters into power strips or extension cords as they can overheat and catch fire. Make sure they are plugged directly into a wall outlet. 

Have Your HVAC System Professionally Inspected and Cleaned 

If your HVAC system has not had its annual inspection and cleaning yet this year, now is the perfect time to do so. Schedule an appointment a week or so prior to your party. An HVAC technician will inspect your system and make sure everything is in good working order, and your entire HVAC system will be given a thorough cleaning, including air ducts. This will ensure that your system will be working its best not just for your party but all winter long to keep your home and your family comfy and warm. 


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