HVAC Maintenance For Pet Owners

Feb 25, 2020 | Heating

When it comes to the furry members of our family, we must remember that it is important to consider them when it comes to the care and maintenance of our home’s heating and cooling system. If you have fur babies running around your house, Xenia Heating & Air, located in Xenia, Ohio, would like to offer you a few tips on protecting your HVAC system and keeping it in good working order:


HVAC and Furnace Care for Pet Owners in Xenia, Ohio

Don’t Let Pet Hair Accumulate in Your Home

If you are a pet parent, you know how much we love our fur babies, but we could certainly do without all that shedding! Dander is the equivalent of pet dandruff, and having that along with hair flying all around the house can cause real problems for your heating and cooling system. Pet dander and hair can quickly result in clogs and blockages inside your HVAC system. Keeping your home clean and free of these substances as much as possible will help to avoid problems. Vacuum/sweep/mop frequently, keep hair and dander off of furniture with lint brushes, and wash/clean curtains, bedding, throw pillows, and pet beds on a regular basis.

Keep Your Pets Clean and Groomed

Shedding is a natural part of a pet’s life. It is necessary in order for them to be healthy. However, you want to prevent their hair from finding its way into your home’s heating system. By grooming your pets, You can assure that they are healthy and happy, and you can also rest assured that there is no excessive dander or hair being deposited around your home.

Take Your Pets to a Professional Groomer

Treat your pets to professional grooming visits from time to time, even if you groom them yourself. A professional grooming can include a haircut, bath, flea dip, nail trim, etc., which will ensure that your pet is squeaky clean and feeling great. It will also eliminate a great deal of hair and dander from your home.

Keep Your Thermostat Set at a Pet-Friendly Temperature

You already know that the temperature in your home can affect the air quality and result in dry hair and skin for humans if the setting is too high, but did you know it can have the same effect on pets? Fur babies are most comfortable when the temperature inside is just a little lower than we usually keep it set to. Whereas humans are generally used to thermostat settings in the upper 60s to low 70s range, our fur babies much prefer temperatures set to the low to mid-60s, or low 70s at the highest. These temperatures prevent their skin and hair from drying out and getting flaky, which prevents a good deal of dander and shedding.

Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

It is the job of your furnace’s air filter to trap dirt, dust, and debris from the air before it is warmed and circulated through your home. If you have pets, the air filter can quickly become filled with hair and dander. Homeowners are generally advised to check the air filter every 30 days during the season when the furnace is in use and to change it if it is dirty. However, if you are a pet owner, Xenia Heating & Air recommends that you check the filter twice per month and change it when needed. If the air filter becomes clogged and air cannot flow through, your furnace can become overworked and overheated, which can cause permanent damage to your HVAC system.

Try Pet-Friendly Furnace Filters

Invest in specially designed furnace filters that are made for use in homes with pets. These filters are designed to trap more pet hair and dander then regular air filters. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, these air filters can be especially beneficial.

Have Your HVAC System Inspected and Cleaned

Another general recommendation is to have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned by a professional annually. However, if you have pets in your home, it is a good idea to have this done twice a year. If you are located in Xenia, Ohio, or the surrounding area, contact Xenia Heating & Air to set up an appointment with one of our licensed HVAC specialists for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your entire HVAC system, including vents and air ducts. We will make sure that your system is in perfect condition and ready to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the cold weather season.


Wrapping It Up: HVAC Care for Pet Owners

It’s easy to keep your home free of pet hair and dander and protect your HVAC system. Regularly clean to remove any dander and pet hair before it can find its way into your heating and cooling system. Have your pets professionally groomed and keep them brushed yourself between visits to the groomer. Replace the air filter in your furnace frequently so that it can remove debris from pet shedding from the air that will circulate throughout your home.

Keep your home’s heating and cooling system working it’s best with a comprehensive professional inspection and cleaning. Call Xenia Heating & Air at 937-708-8451 or visit us on the web to schedule an appointment with one of our fully trained HVAC specialists. Our mission is to keep each and every one of our valued customers comfortable year-round by providing only the best in HVAC services.