Happy April Fools’ Day! Today, it’s wise to stay on alert in order to avoid simple jokes and pranks. While the exact origins of this day still remain a mystery, many people worldwide enjoy partaking in this day to enjoy harmless fun and lighthearted laughs. No judgment here! However, as your trusted Xenia Heating & Air professionals, we’re taking a different approach today! We want to “debunk”bust” some myths about your HVAC system. With so much misinformation out there, distinguishing fact from fiction can be tough. But you can count on us to help you navigate through some of the most common HVAC myths together. 

HVAC Myth 1 – Does Thermostat Placement Matter? 

One common HVAC myth is about the thermostat’s placement. Some people believe that the location of the thermostat isn’t important. But that’s just not true. There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when a thermostat is installed. Think about it. Your thermostat reads your home’s temperature and communicates with your HVAC system to adjust the air as necessary. So, if the thermostat is near a heat source, like in the sun, near a fireplace, or in a drafty space like a window or exterior door, it may cause the thermostat to read the temperature incorrectly. When this happens, it disrupts your HVAC system’s airflow.

Instead, homeowners should position thermostats on interior walls, away from heat sources or drafts. They should avoid placing them near windows or exterior doors. Keep in mind that hallways are typically a good choice. So, if you are considering a new thermostat installation or need to move a current one, be sure to consult a certified professional for the best results. 

HVAC Myth 2 – Does Setting the Temperature Lower/Higher Make Your HVAC System Work Faster? 

Another common HVAC misconception is that adjusting your thermostat lower or higher than needed will speed up the cooling or heating process. This is because most HVAC systems maintain a consistent airflow rate, regardless of the temperature settings. Therefore, changing the temperature won’t affect how quickly your space gets comfortable. In fact, when you adjust your thermostat to a temperature that is lower or higher than you need, it will only result in energy wastage by letting your home reach a temperature you do not need. Selecting your desired temperature and allowing your HVAC system to operate effectively is more energy-efficient. 

If you often face this problem and desire better home temperature control, consider getting a smart thermostat. It lets you adjust the temperature remotely, ensuring comfort upon your return home. You can even schedule it to align with your daily routines, regulating your home’s temperature based on your schedule. This means no more waiting! 

HVAC Myth 3 – Does Changing Your HVAC Air Filters Help? 

Changing your air filters is crucial. Don’t fall prey to the myth that it is not! Some people underestimate the importance of replacing their HVAC system’s air filters regularly. So, let’s clear the air on this myth once and for all – sticking to routine filter changes is essential and highly advantageous! It makes sense when you consider that your HVAC system works hard to maintain air circulation and temperature regulation within your home. Air filters are there to prevent unwanted particles and dust from causing issues to the system. Moreover, filtering out these contaminants from the air in your home improves your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). As such, when you fail to change your air filters as recommended, these troublesome loose particles can negatively impact your indoor air quality and even your HVAC system! 

To manage this effectively, replace your air filters every 1-2 months, as suggested by industry standards. Keep safe and healthy by staying consistent with this air filter maintenance routine. As a helpful suggestion, you can even set up reminders on your calendar to help you stay on track.

HVAC Myth 4 – Does Keeping Up with Your Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Make a Difference?   

The last myth we want to bust is the HVAC myth that preventative maintenance is unnecessary. Many overlook the importance of preventative maintenance and only call to schedule an appointment when something is acting up. But remember, the whole point of preventative care is to keep things running smoothly and extend your system’s lifespan. A well-taken care of machine will continue to run as intended, resulting in an extended lifespan! Your AC and furnace are both intricate machines that operate continuously to keep your home comfortable. To ensure they run efficiently and last longer, regular maintenance and tune-ups are ESSENTIAL. 

As a homeowner, it’s wise to ensure your units are ready for each season’s weather changes. Remember to schedule furnace check-ups once a year in early fall and for your AC once a year in the late spring or early summer. A bonus tip: Staying current on these maintenance seasonal checks helps maintain your equipment manufacturer’s warranty! 

Don’t fall victim and be fooled by common HVAC myths. We sincerely hope that this HVAC blog has clarified some things for you and provided guidance on maintaining your home’s HVAC system effectively. Distinguishing between the best HVAC practices and care tips can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Looking for more HVAC care tips? Feel free to explore our other blog posts! 

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