Make Your She-Shed Winterproof 

Nov 21, 2019 | Heating, Winter

She-sheds have become the latest craze. If you have one or if you are planning to transform an outdoor space into your own personal hideaway, you will need to make sure it’s protected against the cold winter weather ahead. Here are some tips so that you can winter-proof your feet: 


Keep the Air Inside Warm by Insulating the Floors of Your She-Shed 

The warm air inside your she-shed can cool off very quickly once it comes into contact with the cold air emanating from the floors. Most she-sheds initially start off with either bare wood or concrete floors. The air doesn’t become cold because of drafts finding their way in by way of the floor. Although this can happen, the most common cause of heat loss is the transference of temperatures that takes place when the heated air comes into contact with the cooler temperatures of the floor. No matter what heat source you are using in your she-shed, if your floors or not properly insulated, the air will cool down fast. 

Protect the floors of your she-shed as well as the warm, toasty air inside with a bit of layering. First, use a thick sheet of plastic to cover your floor. This will protect your carpeting and your belongings if a leak ever develops. Make sure the plastic sheeting covers the entire floor but does not quite reach the edges where the floor meets the wall. 

The next step will be to put down a layer of cloth like cotton or wool on top of the plastic sheeting. This cloth will need to be the same size as the plastic sheeting and reach almost to the edges of the floor. Now, choose an inexpensive style of carpet and lay it down on top of the cloth. You do not have to spend money on expensive, fancy carpeting for this step as no one will be seeing it. By leaving a bit of room at the edges, the main carpeting can be secured directly to the floor. 

When these items have been placed on your floor, it will be time to choose an attractive carpet for your she-shed. Cut this carpet so that it reaches all the way to the edges of each wall. The carpet will not be nailed in place near the baseboards, but rather it will be secured in place with heavy-duty Velcro. This is so that the carpet can be pulled back should the need arise for a number of reasons. These include cleaning, dealing with issues such as leaks, or being able to easily switch out the carpeting if you choose a different design at some point. 

Protect Your She-Shed Against Window Drafts

You probably already know that the vast majority of drafty air enters your home via your windowsills and pane. The same is true for your she-shed. Purchase window-proofing kits at your local hardware or department store to seal your windows with clear plastic held in place either by nail strips or by using your blow dryer along the edges, creating a shrink-wrap effect. You will want to invest in a good quality spray foam insulation and use this to seal the entire area around your windowsill from top to bottom inside your she-shed. Smooth it down and add a coat of paint once it’s dry or cover it with attractive curtains. This brings us to the subject of window treatments. 

Whether you’ve chosen to use plastic sheeting, spray foam insulation, or both to adequately seal the windows in your she-shed to keep out drafts and keep warm air in, you will want to add decorative window treatments such as curtains, blinds or shades. Curtains can also help to keep out cold drafts and keep warm air inside where it belongs. Shutters can be placed on the outside of your she-shed windows so that they can be closed against cold air, ice, and snow in inclement weather, keeping them away from your windowpanes where they can transfer cold air to the inside of your she shed. 

Place Door Draft Stoppers Along Bottom of Doors to Keep Drafts at Bay 

As you are protecting your she-shed against drafts and areas by which heat could escape, don’t forget about your doors. No matter how well-fitting your door appears to be, cold air can find its way in at even the slightest opening. Door draft stoppers come in a variety of styles and are very handy and effective at keeping heat inside in cold air outside. 

Have Your She-Shed’s Walls and Ceiling Insulated

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, the ceiling and the walls of your she-shed need to be insulated before severe Winter weather hits. Insulation will protect your she-shed against leaky air drafts or surfaces that will steal your heat via temperature transference. Having your she-shed insulated will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have created a space all your own where you can be warm and comfortable in even the coldest weather. 

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