What Are the Dangers of DIY HVAC Repairs & Maintenance? 

May 6, 2022 | Blog, DIY, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Repair, Xenia

Viewing HVAC how-tos on YouTube and watching shows like HGTV does not make you an expert in performing HVAC repairs. Just because something may sound pretty straightforward doesn’t make it safe or wise. The stakes are much greater than the gains you think will be obtained. HVAC systems are complicated and not gadgets to tinker with. It takes proper schooling and a special license to poke around these systems without problems fallouts such as needless damages. Xenia Heating & Air wants you to comprehend the legal threats and the threats of losing your warranty. However, there are efforts you can make while awaiting help from professionals. Let’s dive deeper into this.

Will DIY HVAC Maintenance/Repairs Forfeit My Warranty? 

For sure! And here is why. Numerous things can invalidate your HVAC warranty, any repairs performed by an unlicensed person being one of them. This determination to save on costs will disfavor you and your HVAC system, costing you in the long run. Any unfamiliar and unqualified person is more likely to fall short of caring for your equipment suitably; as a result, your system will have low efficiency and consistent breakdowns. Problems will no longer be a liability to the manufacturer, so now you not only have a poor-functioning HVAC system, but any future restorations will be your financial responsibility.

What Are the Legal Risks at Hand During DIY HVAC Maintenance/Repairs?

According to the Clean Air Act, carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are obligations to protect and improve the nation’s air quality and the stratospheric ozone layer. Strict laws are established by the EPA that you may be breaking if you are not careful when handling HVAC equipment. HVAC systems contain refrigerants, which come with health and environmental hazards. I first heard of this when attempting to trash a busted-up unit from my own home. Only authorized specialists should handle them because they know how to obey the standards set in the EPA’s guidelines. Please don’t think twice before reaching out to the experts if your heating and cooling unit is not properly functioning. We should all make responsible choices to help defend ourselves and our environment!

What Can I Do for My HVAC System?

If you want to be proactive while you wait on a technician to deal with the more sophisticated repairs/maintenance, I’ve got some great news! While you CAN NOT do any of the more complex HVAC repairs, there are things you CAN do for your system. For one, you can make the perimeters of your outdoor unit clear of any barriers. Debris can constrain an air conditioner’s efficiency when obstructing exhaust vents. Plus, it would profit you to caulk your windows. Leaky windows let out purified air your HVAC system works hard to retain, causing your system to push to its limits to keep a delightful atmosphere within your home. Energy bills will heighten as your HVAC system deteriorates from unwarranted and excessive use. And, you mustn’t overlook your air filter. This straightforward DIY will do wonders for your indoor air quality. A jammed-up air filter can’t effectively collect pollutants and may even permit some to flow back in.

Do what you can to sustain your HVAC system between your regular maintenance appointments to guarantee your HVAC’s efficiency. Preventative maintenance proves viral for keeping your home’s atmosphere comfortable and safe for you and your loved ones. Thank you for inquiring, and don’t forget to call Xenia Heating & Air today at (937) 708-8451, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!