What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

Aug 19, 2022 | A/C, Air Conditioner, Air Filter, Blog, Cooling, OH, Ohio, Summer, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks, Xenia

If you’re anything like me, you know that having quality air conditioning within your home is a must! That is why you should understand how to adjust if the unfortunate event of discovering your air conditioning isn’t doing its job occurs. So, what are your options? While easier said than done, try not to panic. Stress benefits no one, and while a damaged A/C unit can be riling, to say the least, our professionals at Xenia Heating & Air can swiftly settle any A/C worries that arise. Honestly, we don’t want you to have any unnecessary stress, as we know life can be difficult on its own! But please recognize that it is beneficial to figure out how much you can improve your comfort when encountering A/C shortcomings.  

What If My A/C Stops Working? 

If your air conditioner stops working, while you should leave most things to the professionals, there are some efforts you can make while you wait. Here are a few suggestions:  

  1. Survey your ducts for dirt, debris, and blockages restricting adequate airflow.  
  1. Tidy up or replace your filter as necessary. A dirty filter can cause your utility bills to rise as your A/C functioning falls.  
  1. Check if your thermostat is set to the wrong temperature, heating your home instead of cooling it.  
  1. Examine your electrical panel for a tripped breaker. 

What If My Power Stops Working?  

It is not uncommon for power outages to happen in Ohio during the summer due to the thunderstorms that ensue. So, say your power goes out this summer, and you must ensure your body doesn’t overheat; well, here are some valuable tips:  

  1. Staying hydrated is vital! When you’re hot, you may lose a copious amount of water through sweat, and you must replenish it. 
  1. Restrict the sun from shining into your household by shutting curtains and blinds.  
  1. Keep windows closed for as long as you can. Depending on how long you wait for your electricity to turn back on, you may have to prop them open at some point. Try to preserve the drier air within your home for as long as possible because the sun will warm up your home faster than a draft will cool it.  
  1. Wear cotton. Dressing in light material or the thinnest, loosest clothes available will further help you beat the heat.  
  1. Take off your socks and shoes.  
  1. Avoid sitting close to one another for long periods. While this may seem odd, sharing body heat will not help keep cool, so keep some distance when possible.  
  1. Another silly-sounding option is to lay on the floor; while not necessarily a comfy surface, it can be cool to touch and doesn’t encase heat the way your mattress will. Heat rises; thus, the lower you are, the cooler you’ll be.  
  1. Eat frozen foods. If your refrigerator isn’t running, your frozen foods are most likely melting within your freezer anyway, so you might as well enjoy a sweet treat to cool yourself down.  
  1. Dampen a towel or sheet in cold water and position it on your body while you sleep. A cold and damp washcloth is my go-to for a swift cool down, and it’s pretty effective!  
  1. If nothing else, you can try something like going swimming or traveling somewhere with operational electricity to cool off more efficiently.  

Regardless of how you choose to keep cool, give us a call so we can fix any A/C problems you may have and avert any future misfortunes. So, call Xenia Heating & Air today at (937) 708-8451, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We are known to deliver above-par service, giving your home a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere to lavish in for years to come!